6D Information
What is a 6-D

Answer: a 6D certificate is a notarized document which is required for most sales or refinancing of condominiums.  This document needs to be completed by a unit owner's closing date.  A 6D Certificate provides a bank, mortgage company or attorney the information that  ALL BALANCES ARE PAID and that the association is not due any fees prior to the refinancing or sale of a condominium.

If you are selling or refinancing your condominium you must take the following steps in order to obtain a 6D certificate:

1.  Sign an Infomration Release Form at the Mgmt. Office. 

This form allows Mgmt. to answer questions for attorney, brokers, mortgage companies and appraisers that may be a part of your sale or refinance.

2.  Notify the office of the closing date along with the name and contact information for the New Buyer.                                         

For a refinance, closing date alone will suffice.

3.  Once a closing date has been determined, submit two (2) separate checks or money orders to Deerfield Forest Condominiums.       

One for the amount of your outstanding balance including condo fees, and one for $50.00 for the notarized 6D certificate. 

4.  Please be reminded that a 6D certificate takes 2 weeks or 10 business days to process.  

Management can not make any exceptions to this rule so please plan accordingly.


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