Tennis Court Resurfacing Plan
Tennis Court Resurfacing Plan

How many times do you, or an occupant of your unit, use the tennis court facilities each year?:
What building do you live in? (Do not include your unit number):
Regardless of the savings from reducing the number of tennis courts from 2 to 1, I believe that the trustees should maintain both courts.:
I encourage the Trustees to rethink the use of the tennis court facility.:
I have reviewed the proposed drawings and generally support the changes adding a basketball court and outdoor fitness area:
I agree with the reduction in number of tennis courts from 2 to 1, but would suggest the following instead of the basketball court or recreation area:
I feel 1 or more of the following capital projects should take priority; common area carpets; common area windows, building emergency lighting.:
A change to the tennis court of this magnitude would require a majority vote from the owners. If I was asked right now I would most likely vote to::
Please feel free to insert your comments here::

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